The New Free Angie’s List: What does this mean for your reviews and Local SEO

Does your business have reviews on Angie’s List? The new free version means big opportunities using local SEO!

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Angie’s List recently removed their paywall last week meaning that anyone can now have access to your business reviews without paying.

This change could be great for your business if you have built a solid reputation on Angie’s List with glowing reviews now showing up in the Google search results. It could also work against you if you have not done a good job of keeping customers happy and you can no longer hide the bad reviews inside the Angie’s List member site.

As a small business owner, if you are an active business on Angie’s List with good reviews this is an extra bonus for your reputation if you take the right steps and spread your reviews around and get them seen on Google.

Read the entire article posted on SearchEngineLand by clicking the link below:

Angie’s List is now free: What this change means for your business

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