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Attract More Customers to Your Small Business in the Jacksonville Area Using the Power of Local Search!

small business seo jacksonvilleIf you own a  local Jacksonville business, the most powerful and effective ways to attract customers is by having a local presence online.

The fact is, your potential customers are looking online when they need your products or services.


Why Do You Need Local Search Marketing in Jacksonville FL?

Actually the question should be… Why do you need more customers? If your small business relies on local customers to thrive you must put your business message where most of them are looking.

Potential customers and past customers go online when they need something and simply type a few keywords into a search engine like Google to find what they need.

You either appear on page one of the results or you do not! Simple as that. 

If your business website or Google listing appears you have an excellent opportunity to reach them and convince them to take action.

From mobile-based browsers that produce local results to Google search terms that offer local business listing suggestions, Local SEO Jacksonville has proven to be a huge business driver for local small businesses. Over the years, Google has produced more and more local results, and in 2012 fused the highly powerful Google+ Local platform for businesses to engage customers with a mix of local and social optimization.

Our Local Jacksonville SEO company has worked with numerous local small businesses on their local SEO visibility. Our team of experts will develop a customized Local SEO Jacksonville campaign that will drive you to the top of the local search results, bring in more qualified local search traffic, and lead to more business from local consumers.

Local SEO Jacksonville: Google+ Local Optimization

In 2012 when Google fused its local and social platforms into Google+ Local, this provided local businesses with a huge opportunity to reach local consumers on a personalized level. More and more we’re seeing local results being displayed for even the most general search terms, and Google has allocated some of the most prized space on the Search Engine Results Page to local business listings.

Getting your business listed next to the Google local map provides a huge boost in local search traffic, and our Jacksonville local SEO specialists know just how to get you there.

When you work with our local SEO Jacksonville team, we’ll optimize your Google+ Local listing and work to build up its ranking next to that local map. We execute a variety of strategies to get you there from building local citations and on-page optimization of your Google+ Listing.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of these free Google+ Local business listings, your company hasn’t yet reached its full potential for local customer acquisition in Jacksonville.

Local SEO helps Jacksonville Area Businesses Reach More Customers

As a business owner in the Jacksonville area you want to reach more people interested in what you offer. To do this, you must have a local Internet marketing plan. Why?

It is no secret anymore that most potential customers will use the Internet when they need information about products and services. These searches may come from a smart phone, notepad, or a desktop computer.

Failing to understand this radical change in the way people find information is costing you business. If you are serious about understanding what Local SEO is really about click here and read The 5 Keys to Local SEO in 2013.

How to Use Local SEO in Jacksonville to attract more customers!

Before you waste time and money using a shot gun approach to local Internet marketing, it is important to focus on these fundamental areas first.

  • Your current online presence – Are you being penalized by Google? Is your website optimized and locally focused? Is your Google Plus local listing claimed?
  • Your target market – Who do you want to reach and where are they? What keywords do they use to find your types of products and services.
  • Your online competition – Who is ranking on page one for the best keywords and what will it take to take their place?

The difference between attracting new customers or losing customers!

The bottom line is, when a potential customer is searching for your type of business, he will use a search engine. You either show up on page one of the results, or you don’t.

If you show up and your message is clear, you have an opportunity to get that searcher to take action and contact you.

If you do not show up on page one of the search engine, you have NO chance of earning their business. It’s that simple!!

These geo-modifiers provide a huge relevancy boost for companies that are investing in Jacksonville local SEO services. It helps them target local consumers who are searching for what they have to offer. This increases the likelihood of conversion for the business, by eliminating targets outside of the local area who might not want to do business with a company that isn’t in their area.

An Experienced Local SEO Company in Jacksonville FL

Over the years, Local Goldmine has built a solid reputation for providing effective local SEO services to companies throughout the USA. Our clients have enjoyed page one rankings in the search engines, as well as an increase in phone calls and leads.

Local Goldmine has offices in Phoenix Arizona, Virginia beach VA, and recently added an office in Jacksonville, Florida. We look forward to helping small businesses in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra areas reach more customers using the power of local Internet Marketing.

To schedule your free consultation for Local SEO Jacksonville, give us a call at (904) 796-8527, or feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form below.

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